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Bur Bits for Metal Industry

Brazed Burs (Solid Carbide Head with Brazed Steel Shank)
Double Cut (DC)
SA, SC & SF Styles
DC-styles burs are far and away the most common, widely–used style anywhere in the world. The Double Cut utilizes a cross flute of exactly half the number of standard flutes in an opposing helix.

Benefits of the DC flute include rapid removal of a broad range of materials combined with excellent operator control. It does this by incorporating a positive cutting rake angle that gives great "bite" into the material, and yet is not so aggressive that the operator fatigues quickly after using it in a hand piece.

A DC flute geometry gives better performance in low RPM applications, but still performs well at high RPMs.

Our steel shanks are ground, which sets them apart from our competitors. The solder joints are clean, with no excess solder gaping out from the sides between the carbide bud and the shank. All in all, a gorgeous, premium-quality product.

Applications: to be used with Air or electrically driven hand die-grinder with a typical collet mechanism. knee mill with an air-driven spindle speeder such as the Air Turbine product below. An air speeder can bump spindle (Not to be used in conventional Routers)

Excellent for Cutting:
Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Cast Iron, Steel: 50-55rc, Steel: 55-60rc, Steel: Carbon, Steel: Nickel, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Steel Weldments & Titanium.

Cylindrical No End Cut Bur Bits
Radius Cylinder Bur Bits
Tree Shape Bur Bits

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