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Mamba Saw Blades by Amana Tool
Thin Kerf Thin Kerf
Requires less horsepower and
reduces stock loss.

Tri-Foil Brazing
Ultra-strength bonding process which
consists of silver & copper, allows carbide tips to endure extreme impact for added durability & overall blade life.
Stabilizer Vents Stabilizer Vents
Reduces noise & vibration emitted during
use and helps blade run smoother.
Expansion Slots Expansion Slots
Allows blade to expand and contract during operation to prevent blade warpage.
Laser Cut Plate
Plate is laser cut and annealed for greatest accuracy and perfect tooth alignment. Roll tensioned to ensure true & flat plate for pin straight cut
Laser Bore Laser Cut Bore
Bore is laser cut to ensure rotation accuracy and less vibration which allows for maximum blade life.
7-1/4" Framing & Decking Blade
7-1/4" Fine Framing & Decking Blade
8-8-1/4" Ripping Blade
8-1/2" Fine Cut Blade
8-1/2" Fine Cut Blade
10" Ripping Blade
10" General Purpose Blade
10" Combination Blade
10" Compound Miter Blade
Non Ferrous Saw Blade
12" General Purpose Blade
12" Compound Miter Blade
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