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Router Bits

Since 1972, Amana Tool has been producing router bits and has become the global leader in its field. In fact, the company was the first manufacturer to produce router bits according to the Holz BG German standard for safety and quality.  This standard contains rules that determine the structure and quality of the tool's material in order to create the safest environment for the user.

From its beginning, Amana Tool has always used the highest quality materials, and its tools are produced using unique technologies, a majority of which were developed and built by the company's engineers following decades of testing and experience.

For example, Amana Tool uses carbon alloy steel for its router bits that contains vanadium particles. This improves the structural integrity of the steel and prevents corrosion and defects in the internal structure of the material that can lead to cracks and breaks.

High-tech machinery processes the carbon alloy steel to manufacture the router bodies in a single clamping.  This yields router bits with superior balance, centricity, precision and symmetry.

Amana Tool Router Bits

The carbide used by Amana Tool is supplied by CERATIZIT, the leading carbide producers in Europe.  All of the company's carbide grades, many of which are exclusive to Amana Tool, comprise sub-microscopic grain particles that create a finer edge for long-lasting performance, which is twice that of most standard carbide tools in the market. The carbide tips are then brazed onto the router bits using a fifty percent silver weld by machines also built especially for Amana Tool.

Grinding is done with a sophisticated CNC machine in a single clamping, resulting in higher quality and precision in the finished tool.
Delicate grain wheels are used to grind a cutting edge in the special harder grade carbide without creating microscopic cracks or breaks that could weaken the tool.

All Amana Tool products are then laser etched with essential information for the tool's use, such as RPM range and clamping depth.  Laser etching ensures that this information cannot be erased through normal tool use.

Each tool that bears the Amana Tool name is created under the sharp scrutiny of the company's inspection department and according to the International Organization of Standardization's (ISO's) 9000 quality management standard, making Amana Tool router bits the world's leading quality tools.

Straight Router Bits Straight Plunge Router Bits
A-Max Extended Life Straight Plunge Opposite Shear Staggered Tooth Router Bits
3° Patternmakers Router Bits Panel Pilot Router Bit
Abrasive Type Plunge Diamond Pattern
Dado Clean-Out Router Bits Plastic Cutting Router Bit
Double Flute PCD Diamond Straight Plunge Router Bits Production Plunge Router Bits
Down Shear Multi Trimmer Production Shear Router Bits
Down Shear Face Plunge Template Router Bits Production Shear Up-Shear Router Bits
E-Z Change Template/Pattern Bit Solid Carbide Slow Spiral Router Bits
Fiberglass & Carbonfiber Material Flush Trim Solid Carbide Roughing Bit for Composite Materials
Flush Trim Plunge Template / Pattern Staggered Tooth Panel Pilot Router Bit
Flush Trim Plunge Template w/ Oversized Bearing Staggered Tooth Plunge Router Bits
High Production Plunge Staggered Tooth Plunge Panel Router Bits
High Speed Steel Panel Pilot (HSS) Straight Plunge Router Bits
Insert Carbide Flush Trim Template Straight Plunge Open Flute Router Bits
Left Hand Plunge Router Bits Solid Carbide Soft Aluminum ZrN Coated Router Bits
Miniature Flush Trim Template / Pattern Plunge Router Bits with Ball Bearing Guide Super Plunge™ Router Bit
Mortising Router Bits Undersized Plywood Dado Router Bits
  Mortising Cutters Up-Shear Bit Slot Mortiser
  Mortising Router Bit for Bottom Cleaning  

Spiral Solid Carbide Router Bits Spiral Router Bits
Acrylic Solid Carbide 'O' Flute Slow Spiral Bits Solid Carbide Straight Plunge
Aluminum Solid Carbide 'O' Flute Spiral Solid Carbide Slow Spiral Router Bits
Plastic Solid Carbide 'O' Flute Spiral Solid Carbide High Mirror Finish Ballnose for Plastics
Steel Cutting 3 Flute Router Bits Solid Carbide ZrN Honeycomb Cardboard Router Bit
Compression Spiral Bit for MDF/Laminate Solid Carbide Straight & Spiral 'O' Flute Bits for Plastics
Carbon Graphite Router Bits Solid Carbide Composite, Fiberglass & Phenolic Up-Cut Spiral Bits
Compression Spiral Solid Carbide for MDF Solid Carbide Glass Cutting ZrN Coated Spiral Bits
Compression Spiral Bit for Solid Wood Solid Carbide Aluminum Chamfer Edge End Mill with ZrN coating
Extra-Long Solid Carbide 2D / 3D & Carving Ball Nose (Conical Ball), ZrN Coated Router Bits with Reduced Shank Solid Carbide Aluminum Radius Edge End Mill with ZrN coating
Extra-Long Solid Carbide 2D / 3D & Carving Flat Bottom (End Mill), ZrN Coated Router Bits with Reduced Shank Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Flute for Mortising Work
Solid Carbide Compresion Spiral Flush Trim Spiral Flute Plunge for Solid Wood
Solid Carbide Compression for Mortising Work Spiral Flute Plunge Solid Carbide
Solid Carbide Compression Spiral Bits for Nesting Operation Ultratrim™ Solid Carbide Spiral
Solid Carbide Double Ball Bearing Plastic Flush Trim Router Bit Ultratrim™ Solid Carbide Spiral Trim
Solid Carbide 2 Flute Spiral Up-Cut Ball Nose  
Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Plunge  
Solid Carbide Spiral Roughing with Chipbreaker  

Rabbeting Router Bits Rabbeting Router Bits
In-Tech™ Insert Rabbet  
Multi-Rabbet Router Bits  
Rabbet Router Bits New Router Bits  
Special Rabbet Router Bits  
Stepped Rabbet Router Bits  

Grooving Router Bits Grooving Router Bits
Bead Groove Router Bits Point Cutting Roundover New Router Bits
Bottom Round Router Bits Round Over Groove Router Bits
Bowl & Tray Router Bits Round Over Ogee Router Bits
Carving & Engraving Router Bits Round Over Router Bits
Carving Liner New Router Bits Screw Slot Router Bits New Router Bits
Classical Groove Router Bits Signmaking & Lettering Router Bits
Core Box Router Bits Solid Carbide Mini Compression Spiral Bit & Adapter New Router Bits
Core Box w/ Ball Bearing Traditional Groove Router Bits
  Double Edge Folding 'V' Groove V Groove Router Bits
  Elogated Core Box Router Bits V Groove Router Bits w/ Ball Bearing
  Insert V Groove New Router Bits  
  Lettering 60° Router Bits  

Trimming and Beveling Router Bits Trimming & Beveling Router Bits
4 Wing Bevel Trim Cutter Flush Trim 'V' Groove
4 Wing Cutter Only Hole and Flush Trim
4 Wing Double Bevel Trim Insert Flush Trim
45° Laminate No-File™ (E-Z Change) Router Bits
Bevel Trim No-File™
Combination Bevel and Flush Trim Overhang Trim
Insert Bevel Trim Panel Pilot
Insert Carbide Flush Trim Template Rip and Slotting
Combination Flush and Bevel Trimmer Seal Straight
Double Bevel Trim Cutter Special Bevel Trim
Down Shear Multi Trimmer (Double Bearing) Spoilboard Surfacing
Diamond Tipped (PCD) Flush Trim Bit SuperTrim™ 3° Shear
  Dynabit™ Laminate Trim Multi-Form
  Economy Insert Flush Trim Multi-Profile
  Economy Insert Staggered Plunge Ogee Fillet
  E-Z Change Flush Trim Bit Ultratrim™ Solid Carbide Spiral
  Flush Trim Veining Solid Carbide
  Flush Trim Miniature Bearing Router Bit 'V' Grooving Solid Carbide
  Flush Trim Plunge Template / Pattern Weatherseal Profile
  Flush Trim Extra Long  

Profile Edge Router Bits Profile Router Bits
10° Chamfer E-Z Change Bit Furniture Profiles
Architectural Molding Router Bits Gooseneck Molding Router Bits
Base Moulding Ogee Detail Router Bits Hand Grip Router Bits
Beading Router Bits Hand Rail Router Bits
Bullnose Router Bits Handrail / Table Edge Router Bits
Bullnose / Cove Edge Router Bits Large Radius Ovolo Router Bits
Chamfer Miniature Router Bits Leaf-Edge Beading Router Bits
Chamfer Router Bits Traditional Groove Router Bits
Classical Bead & Cove Router Bits Matched Bead Router Bits
Classical Cove Router Bits Matching Corner Round / Cove Router Bits
Classical Molding Router Bits Miniature Edge Molding Ball Bearing Guide
  Colonial Door & WIndow Casing Multi-Edge Beading Router Bits
  Convex Edging Router Bits Multi-Form Router Bits
  Corner Beading Router Bits No File Rounding Over w/Fillet
  Corner Rounding 3D Router Bits Ogee Router Bits
  Corner Round with Miniature Bearing Ogee Fillet Router Bits
  Corner Round Router Bits Reed Edge Router Bits
  Cove Router Bits Roman Ogee Miniature Router Bits
  Cove & Bead Router Bits Roman Ogee Router Bits
  Crown Molding Router Bits Round Over Router Bits
  Door Lip Router Bits Special Cove Router Bits
  Double Beading Router Bits Special Interest Molding Router Bits
  Double Roundover Adjustable Router Bits Table Edge Router Bits
  Drawing Line Router Bits Triple / Beading Fluting Router Bits
  Edge Beading Router Bits Variable Beading Router Bits
  Edge Fluting Router Bits Variable Double Chamfer Router Bits
  Edge Molding Router Bits Variable Double Corner Round Router Bits
  Finger Grip Router Bits Wavy Edge Router Bits
  Flute & Bead Router Bits Window Sill Edge Router Bits
  Miniature Double Beading Ball Bearing Guide Casing & Brick Molding Router Bits

Intech Insert Router Bit Series In-Tech™ Insert Router Bit Series
Insert Corner Round & Bevel Router Bits  
Insert Cove Router Bits
Insert Flush Trim Router Bits  
Insert Ogee Fillet Router Bits  
Insert Rabbet Router Bits  
Insert Straight Plunge Router Bits  
Insert V Groove / Signmaking Router Bits  

Nova System Insert Router Bits Nova System Router Bits
Nova System Set  

Jointing Router Bits Jointing Router Bits
7° Stair Tread Router Bits Lock Miter 22.5° Set
Adjustable 'V' Panel Set
Bead & 'V' Panel Router Bits Multi Sided Glue Joint Router Bits
Box Joint Router Bits Ogee Window Sash Router Bits
Dovetail Router Bits Quadraset™ Adjustable Slot Cutter
Dovetail w/ Upper Ball Bearing Raised Panel 'V' Joint
Drawer Lock Router Bits Slot Cutter Assemblies
Duo-Set Slot Cutter Slot Cutter Vari-Depth™ Bearings
Edge Banding Set Special Amerock Router Bits
  E-Z Dial Slot Cutter™ Tambour / Applicance Garage Door
  Finger Joint Router Bits Tongue & Groove Router Bits
  Finger Joint Assembly T-Slot Router Bits
  Flooring Router Bits Wainscot / Wall Panel Router Bits
  Flooring Router Bit Sets Wedge Tongue & Groove Router Bits
  Glue Joint Router Bits  
  Keller Dovetail Router Bits  

Door Making Router Bits Door Making Router Bits
Cabinet Door Edge Router Bit Raised Panel Router Bits
Divided Light Door Set
Door Edge Detail Router Bits Raised Panel Router Bits w/ Back Cutter
Door Lip Assembly Router Bits Stile & Rail Router Bits
Entry Door Stub Spindle Systems New Router Bits Tambour Router Bits New Router Bits
Finger Grip Router Bits Vertical Raised Panel Router Bits
Historical Shaker Door New Router Bits Reversible Stile & Rail Assemblies
Offset Tenon Router Bits New Router Bits Wainscot Cabinet Door New Router Bits

Solid Surface Router Bits Solid Surface Router Bits
solid surface
4 Wing Cut Out Bits Karran Edge Sink™ Router Bit
Backsplash Router Bits Flush Trim Router Bits
Bevel Solid Surface Router Bit Long Ogee Router Bits
Bevel Trim for Wilsonart® HD Laminate Sinks Router Bit Multi Radius Router Bits
Bowl & Sink Trim Router Bits Multi Reverse Router Bits
Chamfer Router Bits Roman Ogee Router Bits
Corner Rounding Solid Surface Router Bits Round Over Countertop Router Bits
Counter Top 'No-Drip Design' Router Bits Round Under Solid Surface Router Bits
Countertop Trim Router Bits Tapered Reed Router Bits
Cove / Backsplash Router Bits Topmount Bowl & Countertop Router Bits
Decorative Edge Router Bits Topmount European Style Router Bits
  Decorative Edge Trim Router Bits Ultratrim Router Bits
  Double Bullnose Router Bits Undermount Bowl Router Bits
  Double Cove Router Bits Venting / Slotting Router Bits
  Drainboard Router Bits Wavy Joint Router Bits
  Edge Face Cove Router Bits Wilsonart SSV Bowl Router Bits
  Face Inlay Router Bits  

Router Bit Sets Router Bit Sets
8-Pc Solid Carbide 3D Carving Ball Nose (Conical Ball) ZrN Coated Router Bit Set
8-Pc General Purpose CNC Router Bit Set
8-Pc CNC Signmaking Starter Router Bit Set
18-Pc CNC Signmaking Advanced Router Bit Set
8-Pc Solid Carbide 3D Carving Ball Nose (Conical Ball) ZrN Coated Router Bit Set
3-PC Double Edge Folding V-Groove Router Bit Set
3-Pc Stile & Rail Cove Raised Panel with Back Cutter Set
3-Pc Stile & Rail Ogee Raised Panel Set
3-Pc Stile & Rail Ogee Raised Panel with Back Cutter Set
2-Pc Reversible Stile & Rail / Horizontal Raised Panel Set
8-Pc Profile Router Bit Set
24-Pc Master Router Bit Set
2-Pc Stile & Rail / Horizontal Raised Panel Sets
11-Pc 'Starter' Router Bit Set
11-Pc 'Starter' Router Bit Set
  Rule Joint Router Bit Sets for Drop-Leaf Tables
  Miniature Router Bit Sets

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