47150 Carbide Tipped No-File Trim .059 Radius x 1/2 Dia x 3/8 x 1/4 Inch Shank

No-File Trim Router Bits
Eliminate the time-consuming hand-filing that normally follows each trimming cut on a laminate job. Our No-File™ bit "breaks" the sharp edge as it trims the laminate flush. When used properly, the resulting edge is smooth and has a slight radius.

AMAX Extended Life Features:

  • 200% longer life time even when working with abrasive materials
  • Superior geometric design
  • Advanced grinding technology that improves the carbides' resistance to wear
  • Super clean cuts

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Tool No.47150

Diameter (D)1/2
Radius (R).059 (1.5mm)
Cutting Height (B)3/8
Shank (d)1/4
Overall Length (L)1-7/8
Replacement Bearing47704
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