49560 Carbide Tipped Table Edge -Thumbnail & Bead 11/64 x 1-3/32 Radius x 2-9/16 Dia x 3/4 x 1/2 Inch Shank


Diameter (D)2-9/16
Radius (R)11/64
Cutting Height (B)3/4
Shank (d)1/2
Overall Length (L)2-3/4
Replacement Bearing47706

Thumbnail & Bead Hand/Table Edge Router Bits

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Cuts a shallow ogee into the tabletop surface coupled with a bead at the edge. Bit will produce a fillet if set to cut deep enough. With the optional 3/8" bearing, it will produce a fillet at the cut's edge. Good choice for handrails.

These special router bits are used for cutting table top edges or used with handrail side profile bits. Originally designed for easing and profiling the edges of tabletops, these bits also are widely used for the same purpose on handrails. See also handrail patterns. Eliminate hard edges, reduce the visual thickness of a tabletop, and add an elegant detail simultaneously with these bits.

Maximum RPM 16,000.

Optional 3/8" bearing #47702 (order separately).

Tool No.Bearing(s)ScrewDust ShieldFlat Washer
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