61270 3-Wing Insert Carbide Finger Joint 170mm (6-11/16) Dia x 40mm (1-1/2) x 1-1/4 Bore


(D) Diameter170mm (6-11/16)
(d) Bore1-1/4
(B) Cutting Height40mm (1-1/2)
Max. t10mm (13/32)
Replacement KnivesRCK-92

Insert Finger Joint Shaper Cutters

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This stackable finger-jointing tool is an open-design cutter with no limitation on chip size. As such, it’s a high-production, high-performance tool to be used only with an automatic or power feed. The tool features a 3-wing solid-steel cutterhead that takes replaceable carbide knives. Each cutter will cut up to 40mm high and 10mm deep. Stack two or more cutterheads on the spindle to increase the cut height capacity.

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