658030 Carbide Tipped Dado 8 Inch Dia x 24T ATB/FT -5 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Dado Set with Five 2-Wing Chippers


(D) Diameter8 (200mm)
(d) Bore5/8
Tooth GrindATB/FT
Hook Angle-5°
Kerf (B)1/4 - 13/16
Description(5) 2-Wing Chippers

Dado Sets

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Dadoes (cross-grain cuts) and grooves (cuts with the grain) are cut efficiently on the table saw with a dado stack set. Unlike a wobbler, a stack set produces a flat-bottom cut with chip-free edges. Amana Tool® makes dado stack sets for every machine and every type of woodworking material. The standard width capacity ranges from 1/4" to 13/16". Additional chippers may be purchased separately to expand the capacity beyond 13/16". The standard set, regardless of diameter or tooth count, consists of two outside saw blades and four inside chippers. The outside blades feature hollow-ground plates for proper clearance, and alternate top bevel (ATB) grind with every sixth tooth flat ground (FT).

For plywood and melamine, the sets with 46-tooth outside blades are recommended.

Teeth refers to the number of teeth for each outside saw blade.

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