Gooseneck Moldings

A gooseneck molding is a classical shape that follows an “S” curve. Gooseneck moldings are always used in pairs on the pediments of casework such as chests and clocks. It’s also common to see gooseneck moldings applied to the pediments over doors and fireplaces on classical architecture.

Although sometimes mitered to an upper “return” molding, the terminus of a gooseneck molding is often decorated with a carved embellishment such as a pinwheel or rosette. The lower end of the gooseneck is mitered to a “return” which is a straight section of the same molding profile that is applied to the side of the case.

Making a gooseneck molding involves sawing the “S”curve and shaping the profile. Although the molding profile can be shaped with a large, complex shaper cutter, it is more economical to make a series of cuts with several bits.

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