DT355T720-80 Carbide Tipped Ditec 2000 Panel 355mm Dia x 72T ATB, 18 Deg, 80mm Bore, Scoring Set


(D) Diameter355mm
(d) Bore80mm
Tooth GrindATB
Hook Angle18°
Kerf (B).173 (4.4mm)
Pinholes4/9/100 & 2/7/110
Plate (C).118 (3.0mm)

Ditec ATB Grind Panel Saw Blades

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Unique, long-life saw blades made for cutting chipboard and plywood with/without coating. Teeth are produced from special micro-grain quality, thus durable against wear while working with abrasive material. Intended for table saw and panel sizing machines. It’s straightening maintained for a long period due to unique method which does not harm the structure of the saw body steel. With the use of static balancing, increased stability is ensured to preserve the machine bearings.

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