Boxed Newels?

To make the fluted panels on the boxed newel would you use a router bit or shaper? If router bit which one and how do you get it so it doesn't rip your wood? How do you get it to stop in the middle of the newel? We are making the 3 flutes on each side of the newel. We want to make them ourselves instead of spending the $200.00 each to buy them.

Shelly P.

Rochester, MN

Our Expert

I recommend that you use the router. Router bits are less expensive than shaper cutters and you can choose any flute spacing that you prefer. Amana makes a complete selection of core box bits, such as no.45924.

Regardless of the type of cut, router RPM and feed rate are important for creating a smooth surface. If the surface appears rough, increase the RPM and/or slow down the feed rate.

In order to cut flutes in a box newel you'll need a fence attachment for the router to guide it in a path parallel to the edge of the stock. Layout the starting and stopping points of the flutes and simply run the router between the layout lines. If you prefer, you can clamp a strip of wood to the workpiece to stop the router, but it's not necessary.


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