Crown Moldings for a Built-In Bookcase?

I have a full wall built-in bookcase that I'm refinishing.  I'm putting oak crown on the top and staining it walnut.  I would like to put mdf crown
around the other walls and paint it.  

How do I tie the mdf into the Oak?  They are both about 4 1/2" but completely different profiles.  Should I just stop short of the oak about 6 inches and do a crown return back to the wall.


Dan H.

Mission Viejo, CA

Our Expert

Built-in furniture is considered part of the room and is usually finished to match the woodwork in the room. However, if you choose to use a painted finish on the woodwork your solution to return the crown molding to the wall should keep the two moldings visually separate. I doubt that the bookcase will appear built-in though.


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