Divided Light Doors for China Cabinet?


I am making divided light door set for china cabinet using Amana #55360. My shelves are 7/8" so I can I make my horizontal muntins 7/8" also...........adjusting the mortises appropriately.............or do I have to stick to 3/4" as it says in the direction pamphlet? 3/4" leaves an exposure facet from the 7/8 shelf which I would like not to have....


Our Expert


Traditionally speaking, the mullions on a divided light door are proportioned to fit the scale and design of the cabinet. As the scale of the cabinet increases, the mullion width increases, too.

Divided light doors
 have a shaped profile along the inside edges of the rails, stiles, and mullions. The profile, usually referred to as "sticking", is necessary to lighten the look of the door parts and do away with what would otherwise be a square, unattractive, corner. When designing a divided light door, as the mullion width increases the sticking width should increase, too, so that the two will appear proportional. After all, it is proportions that make any piece of furniture a success (or not).

Amana set no.55360 is designed for 3/4" wide mullions. Although you can instead make the mullions 7/8" wide, the flat portion between the sticking will appear wider and you may not like the appearance. I suggest that you first make a 7/8" wide mullion with the set to be certain that you're pleased with the look.

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