I am just about finished with my first keeping box. It is turning out nice, but I am a little disappointed with the moldings on the box. I have your books on Period Details and The Router, so I have great info on making moldings. My question is about the size or the scale of the moldings. What size router bits would you recommend for a box that is made out of 1/2" material?

- Duane
Farmington, MO

Our Expert

Proportions are one of the keys to creating an attractive piece of furniture. The thickness of the box is not as important to the molding size as the overall height and width. I've found that the best method for sizing moldings, feet, carvings and other decorative elements is to first create a full scale drawing. Because moldings are mitered, they appear larger when viewed from an oblique angle. Once I'm satisfied with the drawing I'll often make a mock-up to ensure that the proportions are pleasing when the object is viewed from various angles.

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