Stickley style table legs


I am interested in making a craftsman style table with "Quadralinear post construction" for the legs.  I have a shaper with a 1.2" tilting spindle.
Would it be possible to construct the locking miter joints for the legs using a glue-joint cutter such as the Amana-61268?
Or, is it necessary to use an actual Locking miter cutter head?
Your advice is greatly appreciated.

- Richard

Lafayette, CA

Our Expert


Craftsman, or Arts and Crafts, style furniture uses quartersawn stock which displays the ray figure in oak.

To create the most pronounced figure in square stock such as table legs, woodworkers often join four pieces of quartersawn stock. Although a simple miter can be used, a lock miter makes alignment an

d glue up easier. You'll need to use either the Amana no.998 shaper cutter or one of the Amana lock miter router bits such as the no.55389. The glue joint bit will no

t work for this cut.

Also, the strips of stock for table legs are relatively narrow. When routing, use featherboards to hold the stock and a push stick to distance your hands. If the joint is cut on a shaper a power feeder is required.


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