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I have seen your divided light router set.. and was wondering if you feel that it is possible to use this set to build divided light windows in a house. I live in Barbados and the cost of pre-built windows is very expensive and the windows are inferior. Also, they don't build casement windows. Also would one set hold up to build 20 windows out of either purpleheart ot greeheart wood?


Our Expert

Yes, the Amana Tool Divided Light Door Set no.55360 should work fine for casement windows as long as you're using standard glass panes. Keep in mind that the set works with stock up to 7/8" thick so if you plan to use thick insulated glass there may not be enough space in the rabbet which holds the glass.

Because the set uses real mortise-and-tenon joinery, doors and windows made with this set are very strong and, unlike sets which use a short faux tenon, will resist sagging over time.

All Amana router bits use carbide cutting surfaces, either brazed carbide, carbide inserts, or in the case of spiral bits, solid carbide. Carbide is

extremely long-wearing and so the Divided Light Door set will easily shape the parts for twenty windows made from a tropical wood.


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