Triangular Cabinet


I have painstakingly drawn up designs and planed a bunch of solid walnut for a small triangular shaped cabinet.  The design calls for a cabinet with 60 degree mitered edges, and shelves made from joining three boards end to end on 60 degree angles.  This should result in a triangular shaped cabinet with triangular shelves.  Unfortunately, my table saw only adjusts to 45 degrees, and that's how I had intended to cut the 60 degree edges for the cabinet.  And, my miter saw stops at 57 degrees, so I don't know how to cut the shelf boards.  I found a 60 degree chamfer router bit form Amana (I couldn't find any other manufacturer that makes one), so that should let me cut the cabinet edges, but I still don't know how to make the shelves.  Do miter saws typically adjust to 60 degrees?  Is there a manual way to make these cuts precisely?

-Brian D. 
Shalimar, FL

Our Expert

When making a corner cabinet I fit the interior with triangular shaped shelves. To insure that all of the shelves are identical and that they fit the cabinet precisely I use a technique called template routing. 

To make the template I draw the shape of the triangular shelf full-size on 1/2" plywood. Next, I cut out the template on the bandsaw and follow the line carefully. Afterwards, I smooth the edges of the template by flush trimming with Amana Tool no.47101. I position a length of 1"x3" along the layout line and clamp it in place as a guide for the flush-trim bit.

To use the template I fasten it to the underside of the shelf stock with small brads. Be sure to locate the brads a few inches away from the edge of the stock. Although the small brad holes will not show on the finished
product you may prefer to use double-stick tape. I use cloth woodturner's tape because it has much greater holding power than ordinary carpet tape.

Before routing I trace the template onto the stock and bandsaw within 1/16" of the layout line. To shape the shelf I follow the edges of the template with the flush trim bit. 

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