Back deck?


I'm trying to spruce up my back deck a little. It is 12'x20' and made of pressure-treated pine. The current top railing is made from 2x6 planks. They've become warped and pitted to the point that they are unsightly and I plan to replace them. What I had in mind was using 2x8 planks in order to have a little wider ledge and 1/2 bullnosing or full bullnosing the inside edge of the planks to give it an upgraded look. I've never done any routing but am fairly handy and mechanically inclined. What tools and router bits will I need to complete this project?


Suwanee, GA

Our Expert

Amana has several profile bits that will shape an attractive edge on 1-1/2" thick deck railing. Round over bit no.49520 will create a 3/4" radius bullnose with two passes. You'll need a router table with a fence or a fence for your hand-held router for the second pass with the bit. Another option is the Amana no.57192. This unique bit also creates a bullnose with two passes but does not require a fence; the unique guide bearing follows the round over profile from the first pass. For a complete bullnose profile in one pass Amana offers the no.51566 3/4" radius bullnose bit. However, this is a large diameter bit that requires a table mounted router for safe use.

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