Building a custom cabinet?


I want to route a half round edge on a 1/2" thick board with corners that have a 1" radius. I can use a 1/4" roundover router bit on both the top and bottom sides of the straight edges of the board using a fence on my router table. I can also route one side of the radiused corner of the board using the bit alone with the bearing running on the unrouted edge, but when the board is turned over to route the other side of the curved corner there is no unrouted edge for the bearing to run on and a fence does no good. HELP PLEASE. How do I do it?

- Charles
Knoxville, TN

Our Expert

The key is to use a template. Shape the template to the desired profile and attach it to the workpiece with double-sided tape. Use Amana Tool no.49504 1/4" radius Corner Rounding Bit and fit it with no.49405 guide bearing and no.47724 retaining collar.

When making the pattern, reduce the radius of the corner by 1/4" to compensate for the difference between the cutting radius of the bit and the diameter of the guide bearing.

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