Mounting a mantel?


I am mounting a mantel for a customer that is made of a solid block of maple and I don't want to drill holes through it. My thought was to cut a 45 deg. into the wood then make a corrisponding cleat about 1.5 inches. this would pull the piece into the wall for a tight fit and make it adjustible and removable. But I can't find a 45 deg. dovetail reverse chamfer bit. Why not? They have Ogee sets that have almost the same reverse profile, why not a simple 45 deg.?


Lafayette, CO

Our Expert

Actually, you don't need a 45 degree bit, a 14 degree dovetail bit, such asthe Amana no.45814 has enough pitch to pull the shelf to the wall and the joint will be stronger because it will not weaken the wood with the severe undercut like that of a 45 degree angle.

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