Wainscot Router Bit Setup

I'm using the Amana bead wainscott panel router bit set which includes bits no. 49640, 49642 and 54266. What thickness stock should I be using with the bits? I think 3/4 is too thick, what is recommended 1/2 inch? Also any tips on setting the router bit height?


Our Expert

Amana has three router bit sets, the bead, bevel and ogee, for constructing traditional paneled wainscot, each of which are designed to add beautiful architectural details to a room. Like traditional paneling, the sets are designed for 3/4" thick stock to provide the necessary visual effect as well as to provide the space needed for a chair rail

To set the router bit depth, begin by setting up the sticking, or bead bit, to a height that provides a sufficient fillet, or flat area, above the bead. Then set the matching cope bit to correspond.


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