TB12480 Carbide Tipped Thin Kerf General Purpose 12 Inch Dia x 48T ATB, 15 Deg, 1 Inch Bore


(D) Diameter12 (300mm)
(d) Bore1
Tooth GrindATB
Hook Angle15°
Kerf (B).090 (2.3mm)
Plate (C).062 (1.6mm)
Thin Kerf General Purpose Saw Blades

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A thin-kerf blade has a slightly thinner plate and cutting tips. The benefits include reduced stress on the saw and its motor and reduced stock loss. Thin-kerf blades typically are used on saws powered by universal motors, including jobsite table saws and the various types of miter saws.

Not recommended for cutting stock thicker than 3/4" unless stabilizer(s) are used.

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