Superabbet Router Bits

49360 Carbide Tipped Superabbet 2 Dia x 7/8 x 1/2 Inch Shank


Diameter (D) 2
Cutting Height (B) 7/8
Shank (d) 1/2
Overall Length (L) 3
Flutes 2
C 5/8 (#67426) & 3/4 (#47701 (2))

This ingenious tool features both interchangeable cutting edges and an interchangeable guide collar, enabling you to cut a wide range of rabbets. Changing the collars on the twin ball-bearing guide steps the cut width in 1/16" increments from flush through 3/4" with five extra "plywood" sizes.

Between the standard and optional collars, there are 18 different rabbet sizes available. The deep guide collar design adds stability to the tool for hand-held router operations. The basic 2"-diameter bit includes a hex key, instructions, and all necessary parts for 5/8" and 3/4" deep rabbets.

The "RC" version has extra-long double-edged carbide inserts which enables the bit to cut 30mm high. Inserts can be rotated or replaced without removing the bit from the router.

Maximum RPM 22,000.

Use in a table-mounted router. Not for use in a handheld router!

Replacement CollarReplacement Bearings 2 RequiredReplacement screw for bearingReplacement washer for bearingReplacement spacer bearingOptional Bearing Kits

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