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Planing Large Slabs

Hi , Would a RC-2251 bit be OK to use in a Makita 3.25 HP , Variable speed , Plunge Router ? I plan to use it to plane large rough cut wood slabs and am looking to have a very smooth finish . I will be using it in conjunction with a homemade planing sled . Thanks , for your help , Bob

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Yes, start with a 0.032” depth of cut per pass to get a feel for the material.

solid surface

Please advice best router bits for solid surface for cutting and creating moldings.

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Please click on the link below to all the solid surface bits on our website. To may then scroll to see the profile best suited to your needs. When reviewing a bit if you scroll down you will find all the other sizes in the particular style you are looking. Certain bits might only have one bit but many have multiple sizes.

Wood slab levelling.

Hi, Can you please recommend a router bit for levelling wood slabs. Would it be either of the RC-2251, or the RC-2257 ? What is the difference ? Thank you, Marc

Cutting Composite

I have your MR0108 Carbide router bit here, it is exactly what I need for wood, but not for composite. What part number would you have for composite? Ideally it would be a full cone (no flutes) and diamond encrusted.


Need a good AL router bit

I need a good endmill for routing 1/4" or less Aluminum plate using an X-CARVE CNC router using a Dewalt 611 spindal. The Spindal is 400W, and turns at 16000-27000RPM. The spindal can accept 1/4" and 1/8" shanks. All cutting will be 2D and I'm looking for the shortest total routing time possible. I was looking at your tool #51408, but was not sure if a 1/4" cut diameter would be better. I'm also not sure how much longer than 1/4" the cutting length should be. Any help you can give would be great. 

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Based on the available RPMs you have of 16,000 to 27,000 this which translates into a Surface Feet Minute range of 1,048 to 1,768. You are approaching the upper range limit of this uncoated tool.


We a ZrN coated tool, our part number # 51452 which was designed for aluminum. This tool measures as ¼” D X ¼” B X ¼” d X  2” OAL. The ZrN dramatically increase the safe RPM range. I would go with this tool.

Box Joint bit recommendation

I am purchasing an Incra LS 17 fence system specifically to aid in making box joints with my table mount router with 1/2" collet. I am interested in both 1/4" and 3/8" joints. Looking for recommendation of bit that will provide best appearance and life.

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Thank you for the question.

I recommend using the Plastic Spiral O flute down-cut router bits. The 51504 is a ¼” diameter and the 51509 is the 3/8” diameter. By viewing our website and clicking on these part numbers if you scroll down you we see all the sizes in category. It is always beat to stick with the same shank diameter as cutting diameter so having a ¼” and 3/8” collet would be optimum. If your machine will not accept these collets you should use collet reducers, RB-116(1/2 to ¼) and RB- 122(1/2 to 3/8).

what kind of router bit I need to buy for ...

Hi Masters, i'm Esteban

i'm totally new on this job, my father and i have a factory of medals, coins, key-chains and others products like mini sculptures and a variety of religious pieces..

we'll buy a CNC Machine (desktop). I buy 3 router bit to start (46256, 46471 and 46581).. and i'll use epoxy resin to make this job..

the resin mold will have 4 to 8 mm of thickness and i want to know the tipe of router bit that i need to use, hopefully the smallest router bit (diameter) the shank is not important..


thanks for read this post, i'll wait for your answer... 


Which Bit I will need to buy

I am interested in buying the corect 1/4” inch Bit, for cutting 

a 18 mm plywood sheet.

I want to to ensure a good finish edges cut on both top and bottom.

And have as a result a clean and a accurate cut.

Now I am using the AMANA bit : 46170 Solid Carb. Compression 1/4” Dia.

but the problem is the cuts in top and bottom are tearing the wood.

Also I am using the AMANA bit: 46202 and the same problem is in the bottom

Will you please let me know which Bit I will need to buy for having a clean cut,

to prevent chipping and tearing of the surface and the edges of the plywood sheet.

Thank you very much for your help.

Julio Montesinos

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Thank you for the the inquiry.


Please fill out the following questions in order for us to better assist you.


Please answer as many questions as you can.


What is your application?


What is the type of material that you are machining?


What type of machine are you using:

Example, CNC Machine, Table mounted Router table, Hand held Router, Laminate trim Router or Other machinery(please explain).


What is the tool number?


What is the feed rate?


What was the RPM?


What was your chip load?


What is the cutting depth?


How many passes are you using to achieve the depth you require?


If possible could you please send us a picture of the bit or material so we may best see your application and or problem you are facing.

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