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Amana Tool Library

Is there any chance Amana Tool could create a yearly Excel spreadsheet of their current bit library for use in CAM software? It would drive a lot of new customers to Amana if they could easily choose a bit from their favorite CAM package - AutoDesk Fusion 360 in my case or Vcarve at the shop I'm at. The Excel file should include a column for discontinued tools no longer being made so users can keep up to date.

I would encourage Amana to put an Amana red color paint on the top end of the bit to brand your tool along with an engraved/redpainted AT part # as LARGE as will fit on the shaft to make it easier to reorder.

Work with the Maker movement and any KickStarter project that uses a CNC mahine offer them free/discounted Amana Tool branded bits to include in their starter package.

The guy next to me is old school picks up a bit and knows what it is, but struggles with typing that info into the computer to learn the CAD/CAM side of it. I get the computer side of it, but have no clue what are all the bit types. Together we struggle along and he recommended Amana as the best. So thats why I post this.

Amana Tool Library for AutoDesk or Vectric?

Does Amana Tool post a library of their bits?


I'm learning AutoDesk Fusion 360 and Vectric V-Carve to control the Shopbot at TechShop San Jose.

I'm at the point where I'm defining tool paths and I'm finding it frustrating to "find" the right tool that matches your bits. Making new tool libraries is tedious in defining all the variables and much of the info isn't defined online or in your packaging.

Everyone says Amana Tool makes great bits, but I'm hoping you can share or convert your Excel Spreadsheet of part numbers and their properties into an AutoDesk and Vectric Tool Libraries I could easily download and add as a tool library.


Router bearings

I recently purchased template router bits 47220 and 47224. I held off purchasing extra bearings until I figure out how to remove/replace the bearing, can you give me some tips please? Do the bearing on these bits require lubrication and if so what type lube do you recommend?

Our Expert

Thank you for the question.

Very carefully look at the bit. You will see it has a flat on the shank and a flat on the cutting diameter. Keep in mind that as the bit is turning and cutting it is tightening itself. You must remove the cutting diameter portion of the bit in the opposite direction, in order to take the bearing off.   It is always good to lubricate the bearings with the proper lubrication.

Over sized stringer

i am making strinnes rfor a custom staircase they are 3.5" thick so cant cut in one pass with my festool track saw so thought i would make a template and cut them using router bits top bearing 1/2" dia`with a 1/2 shaft longest shaft as i can get when i bot out go to a top nbearing bit the same size. Would you use a down cut or a up cut?

Our Expert

Thank you for the inquiry.


We recommend using a downcut bit for this application.

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