55246 Adjustable Depth Stop and No-Thrust Ball Bearing Adapter 1-1/4 Dia x 3/8 Inch Shank


(D) Diameter1-1/4
(d) Shank3/8
Overall Length (L)2-1/2 - 2-25/32

No Burning and Marring Adjustable Depth Stop with No-Thrust Ball Bearing Adapter

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Adjustable, no friction, heavy-duty revolving metal depth stopper produces a clean surface and provides simple, adjustable depth-stop developed for quick and easy adjustement of the countersink and drill depth. The user friendly design enables control of both without the need to disassemble the depth-stop.

The minimum length with countersink in the adapter will be 1/16" and the maximum will be 3/8".

It will fit the following Amana Tool Carbide tipped countersinks with 5/16” shank: 55200, 55201, 55202, 55203, 55204, 55205, 55206, 55208, 55600, 55602, 55604, & 55608

Hex Key - Included

Countersink not included.

55246 minimum and maximum length of countersink

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