55389 Carbide Tipped Lock Miter 45 Deg x 1-3/4 Dia x 7/8 x 1/2 Inch Shank for 3/8 - 5/8 Material


Diameter (D)1-3/4
Angle (a°)45°
Cutting Height (B)7/8
Shank (d)1/2
Overall Length (L)2-1/8
Material size3/8-3/4 Inch

45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bits

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The lock miter is an interlocking edge-to-edge joint, typically used at the corners of casework. Used in a table-mounted router, run at reduced speed, this bit cuts both halves of the joint. The same setup of bit and fence cuts both parts. One part is laid flat on the tabletop and fed across the cutter. The second is braced vertically against the fence and fed across the cutter. For best results use in a table-mounted router.

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