55431 Carbide Tipped 2-Piece Ogee Stile and Rail 1-5/8 Dia x 11/16 x 1/2 Inch Shank Set


Diameter (D)1-5/8
Radius (R)1/4
Cutting Height (B)11/16
Shank (d)1/2
Overall Length (L)3-1/8
Replacement Bearing47708
Material size3/4

2-pc Ogee Stile & Rail Router Bit Sets for 3/4 Inch Material

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Our stile and rail sets give you two complete bits, one for doing the rail cuts, one for the stiles. Make cabinet doors and all varieties of frame-and-panel assemblies for furniture and architectural applications. These sets are offered in two configurations, one for working material up to 1" thick, the other for material between 5/8" and 7/8" in thickness. The same three profiles are available in either configuration.

3/4" Material
Bits in this set have profile and groove or rabbet cutters and ball-bearing guide mounted on a 1/2" shank. Respacing of the components should only be necessary – using the provided shims – after the cutters have been resharpened. Use in a table-mounted router. Guide straight cuts with the fence; use the pilot bearing only for cuts on curved rails or stiles.

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