610801C Electro-Blu™ Carbide Tipped Fine Cut-Off and Crosscut 10 Inch Dia x 80T TCG, 10 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Non-Stick Coated


(D) Diameter10 (250mm)
(d) Bore5/8
Tooth GrindTCG
Hook Angle10°
Kerf (B).126 (3.2mm)
Plate (C).087 (2.2mm)

Single and Double Sided Laminate Cutting Saw Blades

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This blade is ideal for cutting materials with fragile surface layers, like veneers and laminates. High tooth counts yield smooth finishes. The 10° hook angle provides effortless feeding. The triple-chip tooth opens a narrow kerf, and the raker widens it.

Benefits of Electro-Blu™ Coating

  • Reduces resin accumulation and heat build-up
  • Tips stay sharper longer resulting in extended blade life
  • Applied by using an electrostatic bonding process
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