61292 Insert Carbide Spiral Jointing 62mm (2-1/2) Dia x 80mm (3-1/8) x 12 Teeth x 1-1/4 Bore


(D) Diameter62mm (2-1/2)
(d) Bore1-1/4
(B) Cutting Height80mm (3-1/8)
Optional Rub Collar61596
Replacement KnivesRCK-70

Insert Spiral Jointing Shaper Cutters

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Hard wearing aluminum body complete with 4-sided solid carbide insert knives produces cuts so smooth it practically eliminates sanding. The secret is in the spiral pattern of the twelve individual knives. Unlike conventional cutterheads, there is always a knife in contact with the surface of the stock. This unique design totally eliminates the rippled, textured surface normally associated with wing type cutterheads. Suitable for planing and jointing in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards on a spindle molder.

How to Sharpen:
Sharpening is easy, too. When the long lasting solid tungsten carbide knives show wear, simply rotate each knife a quarter turn. That's it.

Pattern Shaping:
Can be used with a bearing guide and ring fence for planing and routing curved work pieces with a template.

Produces cuts so smooth it practically eliminates sanding.

Each Cutterhead Features:
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction with precision ground, micro-grain carbide knives.
  • Positive locking system to hold the knives, which ensures exact indexing, less down-time and more production.
  • Unique spiral/staggered design utilizing 12 carbide knives, each having 4 cutter edges.
  • Manufactured to strict 'BG' specifications, which limits the chip thickness for a safer, more controlled cut.

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