61310 Insert Carbide Aluminum Adjustable Chamfer -90 to +90 x 160mm (6-5/16) Dia x 50mm (2) x 1-1/4 Bore


(D) Diameter160mm (6-5/16)
(d) Bore1-1/4
(a°) Angle-/+90°
(B) Cutting Height50mm (2)
Cutter BodyAluminum
Replacement KnivesICK-50

Insert Adjustable Chamfer Shaper Cutters

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Cutterhead bodies available in hard wearing aluminum or steel, complete with tungsten carbide knives. Suitable for producing chamfer cuts at various angles in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards on a spindle molder. Cutting angle can be adjusted in 7.5° increments by using notched scale. Fine adjustment of 1° is also possible. Tool has special mechanism to enable fine tuning angle of 1°. Aluminum.

Solid Carbide Knife (2)WedgeHex ScrewLocking WedgeHex Key
WB-47 67199 
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