614401 Carbide Tipped Glue Line Ripping 14 inch Dia x 40T TCG, 22 Deg, 1 Inch Bore


(D) Diameter14 (350mm)
(d) Bore1
Tooth GrindTCG
Hook Angle22°
Kerf (B).169 (4.3mm)
Plate (C).118 (3.0mm)

Glue Line Ripping Saw Blades

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Rip then glue up. With this exceptional blade, there's no need for sanding or jointing after the cut. The precision triple-chip grind & extra-high hook angle allow aggressive feed rates, yet produces an extra-smooth cut finish. The thick plate minimizes vibration.

Use on table saws, sliding table saw, single and gang-rip operations.

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