614704 Carbide Tipped Combination Ripping and Crosscut 14 Inch Dia x 70T 4+1, 15 Deg, 1 Inch Bore


(D) Diameter14 (350mm)
(d) Bore1
Tooth Grind4&1
Hook Angle15°
Kerf (B).150 (3.8mm)
Plate (C).110 (2.8mm)

Combination Ripping & Crosscut Saw Blades

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Where one blade must do almost everything – ripping and crosscutting hardwood and softwood, cutting plywood – this blade is a good choice. It is in the traditional combination-blade configuration, with a flat-top tooth and 4 alternate top bevel teeth in groupings of five. The large gullets at the raker tooth allow deep cuts with improved chip ejection.

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