614720-30 Carbide Tipped Cut-Off and Crosscut 14 Inch Dia x 72T ATB, 10 Deg, 30mm Bore


(D) Diameter14 (350mm)
(d) Bore30mm
Tooth GrindATB
Hook Angle10°
Kerf (B).137 (3.5mm)
Pinholes2/7/42, 2/9/46 & 2/10/60
Plate (C).098 (2.5mm)

Plywood / Solid Wood / Chipboard Cutting Saw Blades

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As our standard cut-off and crosscut blade, this is ideal for table saws and sliding table saws. Its combination of 10° hook and the alternate top bevel tooth grind provide good-quality cuts and a long cutting life.

Suitable for hardwood, softwood, even plywood and chipboard. Good choice for heavy production in any cabinet-making shop.

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