714280-30 Carbide Tipped Heavy-Duty Ripping 14 Inch Dia x 28T FT, 18 Deg, 30mm Bore


(D) Diameter14 (350mm)
(d) Bore30mm
Tooth GrindFT
Hook Angle18°
Kerf (B).173 (4.4mm)
Pinholes2/7/42, 2/9/46 & 2/10/60
Plate (C).110 (2.8mm)

Heavy-Duty Ripping Saw Blades

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Heavy-duty production ripping is this blade's forte. It has all the features needed for use with power feeders and gang-ripping operations: a low tooth count, flat-top grind, deep gullets for efficient chip clearance and a thick plate for reduced vibration.

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