Ditec Sliding Table Saw Blades

DT14840-30 Carbide Tipped Sliding Table Saw 14 Inch Dia x 84T ATB, 10 Deg, 30mm Bore


(D) Diameter14 (350mm)
(d) Bore30mm
Tooth GrindATB
Hook Angle10°
(B) Cutting Height10mm
Kerf (B).137 (3.5mm)
Pinholes2/7/42, 2/9/46 & 2/10/60
Plate (C).098 (2.5mm)

This high-performance crosscutting blade is designed primarily for use in sliding table saws, such as Striebig®, Altendorf®, SCMI® and Delta® models. They are also suitable for use in regular table saws. The blades incorporate an exceptional array of features: high tooth count, expansion slots and turbulence-dampening copper plugs. The DITEC™ carbide tips add exceptional sharpness and long tool life to these features. ATB grind is for solid wood and plywood.

√ Exclusive DITEC™ Carbide Tips

√ Higher Reliability & Lower Maintenance

√ Low Noise Level

√ Laser Cut Saw Bodies

√ Excellent Cutting Quality

Instructions for grinding:

  • For maintenance grinding, use fine grit (D400 to D600) diamond wheels. To match the factory grind, use a slower than normal feed rate.
  • Damaged teeth can be replaced by any grade of carbide tooth. Replacing of a large number of teeth will, of course, shorten the life of the saw blade.
  • Since the carbide in the DITEC™ is harder than other carbides, it is critical that you protect them from “thermal shock” if an adjacent tooth is replaced. Heat absorbed during the brazing process will seriously degrade the DITEC™ carbide.

Saw Blade Safety Guidelines

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