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I just purchased the drawer lock bit #55387 and I am confused about the set up. First, should I be able to set the fence and bit height once for both the side piece cut and the front cut. If so what would that set up be? If you do need to make changes to the set up to run sides and fronts, do you have any guidelines.

I am using all 3/4 " material as the drawers are sizeable. I have tried changing settings and running some samples but feel that I am missing some piece of information as I can't get the profiles to match up for a fit.

Forgot to ask you about a suggested speed for this bit. I'm using soft maple for my drawers.

- Warren B. 
Bozeman, MT 

Our Expert

Making a drawer with a drawer lock router bit requires two cuts, one on the drawer front and the second on the drawer side. The bit height is the same for both cuts and must be exact for a good fit between the mating parts. The drawing provides more details.

The fence position is determined by the desired position of the side to the front. For example, you can position the fence so that, once assembled, the front and side are flush. Or you can create an offset to provide space for a side-mount slide.

The recommended max rpm is 28,000.

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