Ceiling Beams?


I have a low ceiling that I am adding box beams made from reused 100 year old CVG Fir. The beams are only about 2-3/4" tall. The ceiling is sloped and low on one side so taller beams were not a good option. I want to create a traditional profile crown molding approximately 1" tall but I am not able to find a single bit that small to produce it and the cost of having it milled is prohibitive. Is there a combination of bits I can use to create this? The cove is easy but the other profile is the one I am challenged with. Thanks a ton


Ft Collins, CO

Our Expert

Crown molding can take on a number of shapes. The most common is an ogee, or S-curve, flanked by smaller profiles such as roundovers and coves. 1" is a small space to create a detailed crown molding. My suggestion is to use the Amana no.54198 Multi-Form bit. As you can see, this bit creates a number of attractive profiles that will fit in a 1" space.

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