Queen Ann dressing table?


The top of my dressing table is 7/8 inch thick. I would like to use your thumbnail table edge router bit No. 49563 for the top edge profile, however it appers to be designed for 3/4 inch stock. Can I use this bit without a problem or is there a bit with the same profile available for 7/8 inch stock? Thanks for your help

- Lou

Stony Brook, NY

Our Expert

Amana bit no.49563 is designed for 3/4" thick tabletops and will not work on a thicker top.

I suggest that you consider reducing the thickness of the top. While it's not unusual to use a 7/8" thick for a dining or kitchen table, it is some what thick for a dressing table. Dressing tables are smaller in scale than many other tables in the home and you may find that the thicker top appears disproportionate to the rest of the furniture piece. Even traditional Chippendale dressing tables, which have heavier proportions than their Queen Anne counterparts, often emphasize the top by add

ing a moldings under the top. This is different however than a thick top because the molding provides a transition.

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