Slant top standing writing desk?


I am working on a slant top desk made of cherry. The slant top portion is 22" wide and 19" deep. The case is 13/16" thick. I am redoing the top. I am not happy with the first one. What would be a good thickness for this desktop? I'm thinking something less that 13/16 would be more visually pleasing and easier to lift. I would send a picture if possible! It will have two butt hinges at the back.

- Brent

Jefferson City, TN

Our Expert

When constructing full-scale furniture casework such as chests and desks, the stock thickness is typically 7/8". This it common to allow room for dovetail joinery and to help prevent the warpage that can occur on thinner stock.

I don't have a photo or drawing of the desk but I suspect that 13/16" to 7/8" should look fine. If the surface that your talking about is truly a top, then you may want to reduce the visual thickness by shaping the edge with a simple profile such as the Amana no.49402. If it is the fall front that you're speaking of, it is typically rabbeted to create a lip which overlaps the edges of the desk sides. In this case the rabbet will help to reduce thickness.

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