Pencil Post Bed


What size chamfer bit did you use in making the pencil post bed in your article in Fine Woodworking? Thanks          


Kennesaw, GA 

Our Expert

I use Amana Tool 45° Chamfer Router Bit - Tool No. 49404.

To cut the chamfer on a pencil post bed you'll need a bit that will shape the largest portion of the post. The standard post size that I use is 2-1/2" square tapering to 1" at the top. To determine the size of the chamfer bitneeded I draw an octagon using the largest post dimension.

A jig with a built-in taper holds the top of the post the correct height off of the router table. As the jig and post are pushed across the table thepost is gradually lowered to expose the entire corner to the bit. To learn how to construct the jig see my article in Fine Woodworking #184

View Illustration of Chamfer Cut on a Pencil Post Bed

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