Box Joint bit recommendation


I am purchasing an Incra LS 17 fence system specifically to aid in making box joints with my table mount router with 1/2" collet. I am interested in both 1/4" and 3/8" joints. Looking for recommendation of bit that will provide best appearance and life.

Our Expert

Thank you for the question.

I recommend using the Plastic Spiral O flute down-cut router bits. The 51504 is a ¼” diameter and the 51509 is the 3/8” diameter. By viewing our website and clicking on these part numbers if you scroll down you we see all the sizes in category. It is always beat to stick with the same shank diameter as cutting diameter so having a ¼” and 3/8” collet would be optimum. If your machine will not accept these collets you should use collet reducers, RB-116(1/2 to ¼) and RB- 122(1/2 to 3/8).

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