Which Bit I will need to buy


I am interested in buying the corect 1/4” inch Bit, for cutting 

a 18 mm plywood sheet.

I want to to ensure a good finish edges cut on both top and bottom.

And have as a result a clean and a accurate cut.

Now I am using the AMANA bit : 46170 Solid Carb. Compression 1/4” Dia.

but the problem is the cuts in top and bottom are tearing the wood.

Also I am using the AMANA bit: 46202 and the same problem is in the bottom

Will you please let me know which Bit I will need to buy for having a clean cut,

to prevent chipping and tearing of the surface and the edges of the plywood sheet.

Thank you very much for your help.

Julio Montesinos

Our Expert

Thank you for the the inquiry.


Please fill out the following questions in order for us to better assist you.


Please answer as many questions as you can.


What is your application?


What is the type of material that you are machining?


What type of machine are you using:

Example, CNC Machine, Table mounted Router table, Hand held Router, Laminate trim Router or Other machinery(please explain).


What is the tool number?


What is the feed rate?


What was the RPM?


What was your chip load?


What is the cutting depth?


How many passes are you using to achieve the depth you require?


If possible could you please send us a picture of the bit or material so we may best see your application and or problem you are facing.

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