CNC router carvings?


I would like to create detailed carvings with a CNC router. Can you suggest a bit that will create fine details? 

I hope to be able to create some master pieces like these i do understand the smaller the tip is more detail i will get.the one I am using now is 1/8 shank two fluke end mill, on a piece of hard wood oak, they say ball nose is best to use. they break easy if feed rate is more than 10 . this will take more than 8 hrs., and i can only go a depth of 1/8 without breaking. any thing smaller than 1/8 will break. feedrate of 20 takes only 2 hrs to do. can you reccomendf me a bit that will give me a good speedrate without breaking.

Ocala, FL

Our Expert

I recommend the Amana AMS-210 In-Groove eight piece set. This solid carbideset is designed specifically for CNC routers. With seven included insert cutters you can always find the profile that you'll need for fine detailed work. The In-Groove system features over 30 different sizes and profiles.

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