Hand Knitting Looms?


I would like to know if there's any other way of making long wooden cylinders of aprox. 1/2" in diameter without turning on a Lathe. I`ve tried methods like cutting long squared sectioned pieces of wood and then rounding the 4 edges using a router bit it is very difficult for me to obtain a perfect cylinder. I`m thinking of trying with a semi-circular bullnose router bit but I still have't tried it. A friend of mine told me of a machine in which you insert an irregular piece of wood in one end and it comes out round through the other. I`ve no Idea if that machine actually exists or what it`s called. Could you please recommend the most cost effective and fast solution?

- Israel

Merida, ME

Our Expert

You can make four cuts with an Amana no.49504 corner rounding bit or two cuts with the Amana no.51558 bullnose bit but, as you've discovered, it is very difficult to create a perfect cylinder without turning the object in a lathe.

Another option is to create a box jig in which you can turn the workpiece by hand or with a crank. Position the router above the workpiece and, using a straight bit, run the router along the top of the box as the workpiece is turning.

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