Saw Blade for Radial Arm?

Amana has a couple of blades for radial arm saws. Is the RA1024, 10", 24 teeth, suitable for ripping on Radial arm saws? Low or negative hook angles are recommended for RAS but does this include ripping as well, or should one use a high hook angle low teeth blade for ripping only?


Holden, ME

Our Expert

Saw blades that are designed specifically for radial arm saws and sliding miter saws have a zero or negative hook angle to help prevent these saws from self-feeding when crosscutting. In contrast, rip blades have aggressive hook angles, usually 10, 15 or even 25 degrees. The positive hook angle allows rip blades to plow through the stock with a lot less feed pressure.

I don't recommend that you use a RA1024 for ripping because the increased feed pressure required. Instead, I recommend one of the Amana rip blades such as the no.610240 or the no.RB1020. Each of these blades has a 20 degree positive hook angle for decreased feed pressure.

Since we're on the topic, for reasons of your personal safety, I recommend that you do not use a radial arm saw for ripping. Instead, I recommend that you use a table saw for ripping. Unlike a radial arm saw, the height of the blade on a table saw can be lowered so that only enough blade is exposed for the thickness of the stock. Also the rip fence and guarding system on a table saw are better suited for ripping than those found on a radial arm saw.


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