MA7240 Top Quality Carbide Tipped Thin Kerf Framing and Decking Mamba Contractor Series 7-1/4 Inch Dia x 24T, ATB, 18 Deg, 5/8 Bore with Diamond Knockout Circular Saw Blade


(D) Diameter7-1/4 (184mm)
(d) Bore5/8
Tooth GrindATB
Hook Angle18°
Kerf (B).063 (1.6mm)
Max RPM8,000
Plate (C).040 (1.0mm)

Mamba Top Quality Thin Kerf Framing and Decking Contractor Series 7-1/4 Inch Saw Blades

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Fast efficient ripping and crosscutting. Cut rough framing lumber, composite materials, soft/hardwoods, chipboard and plywood with the fastes and cleanest cuts. Long-lasting, thin kerf, carbide tips allow you to frame more decks and houses!

• Laser cut plate, bore, expansion slots and stabilizer vents
• Stabilizer vents filled with silicon for noise reduction
• Anti-kickback design
• Thin kerf blades
• Black PTFE coating
• Packed in 10 pc display/store box

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