RC-2383 CNC Insert Straight Rabbeting 2+2 Design x 2-3/8 Dia x 2 Inch x 3/4 Shank


(D) Diameter2-3/8
(B) Cutting Height2
(d) Shank3/4
Overall Length (L)4-3/4
Max RPM18,000
Replacement KnivesRCK-50, RCK-70

Straight Rabbeting with Scorer 2+2 Design Insert CNC Router Bits

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Insert rabbeting router bit complete with two cutting flutes and scorer. Suitable for trimming and rabbeting in softwood, hardwood and man-made boards. Scorer will give an improved finish at the bottom of the cut. For use on routers and machining centers with CNC control.

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Fusion 360 compatible tool file for RC-2383 available for download, click here.

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