RC-2483 CNC Insert Nova System Traditional Plunge Form for MDF & Wood Cabinet Doors 1-3/8 Dia x 25/64 x 1/2 Inch Shank


(D) Diameter1-3/8
(a°) Angle22°
(B) Cutting Height25/64
(d) Shank1/2
Overall Length (L)2-5/8
Style Traditional
Replacement KnivesRCK-483
TypePlunge Form

Traditional Insert CNC Router Bits for MDF & Wood Cabinet Doors

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This series of profiles utilizing our Nova™ Tool body system of interchangeable carbide insert knives are designed to give the appearance of a Raised Panel door in MDF or solid panels.

One pass is all that is needed for a simple raised panel look using one of the “Plunge Form” profiles.

Replacement knives are MDF Grade Carbide and will last much longer than standard brazed carbide tipped bits.

Excellent For:

  • MDF
  • Wood
Tool No.T.C Knife
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