RCK-392 Solid Carbide Insert 90 Deg x 0.020 Inch V Tip Width Engraving Knife for In-Groove System


(B) Cutting Height4mm (5/32")
(t) Tip Width0.020"
Description90° V-Tip Engraving Insert Knife
Plunge Feed80 Inch/Min

In-Groove CNC Insert Engraving Tool Body & Replacement Knives

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The new In-Groove™ Insert Engraving System features one tool body with 30 unique insert knives designed for a variety of applications.

Industrial quality insert knives produce crisp clean cuts and last as least twice as long as comparable solid carbide bits.

This engraving system was engineered to quickly interchange inserts while mounted in CNC machines to eliminate down-time and to maintain consistent cutting accuracy.

CNC Tool bodies are expertly balanced for virtually no vibration to provide superior cutting results.

Ideal for cutting laminated materials veneers MDF plastics soft wood hard wood solid surface Phenolic HDPE and King Starboard® / Marine Building Material. V-Tip inserts can also cut aluminum.

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Vectric and Fusion 360 compatible tool files for RCK-392 available for download, click here.

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