TB86401 Carbide Tipped Thin Kerf Trim 8 Inch Dia x 64T TCG, 10 Deg, 5/8 Bore


(D) Diameter8 (200mm)
(d) Bore5/8
Tooth GrindTCG
Hook Angle10°
Kerf (B).090 (2.3mm)
Plate (C).062 (1.6mm)

Thin Kerf Trim TC Grind Saw Blades1

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Thin-kerf blades require less power because they have thinner plates and narrower tips. This trim blade is ideal for jobsite table saws and the various miter saws for that reason. Available in either alternate top bevel grind for cutting hardwood, softwood and plywood, or triple-chip grind for chipboard and laminate-covered material. The TC grind is also suitable for cutting thin Plexiglas®, masonite, and plastics.

Use of stabilizers is recommended when cutting stock over 3/4" thick.

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